“Penetralia” And 9 More Queer Slang Terms To Serve Up During Thanksgiving Culture

“Penetralia” And 9 More Queer Slang Terms To Serve Up During Thanksgiving

Written by Daniel Villarreal on August 24, 2017
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Thanksgiving is around the corner and you don’t want grandpa and Auntie Mame thinking that you’ve wasted the entire last year learning nothing, do ya? Of course not! So show ’em how sophisticated and classy you are by talking about anal sex using fancy queer slang like they do in New York!

And if you really wanna dish out some extra servings of sass, check out our first and second collections of queer slang too — your relatives will think you’re a filthy genius!

queer slang, term gay, fakesgiving
(image via PINKÉ)

queer slang, term, gay, fattitude

queer slang, term gay, cardbordeaux
(image via Robert Verzo)
queer slang, term gay, penetralia
(image via Lis Ferla)
queer slang, term gay, chunnel
(image via City of Toronto)
queer slang, term gay, chunder plunder
(image via Йоана Петрова)
queer slang, term gay, sexperience
(image via Beverly Adams)

queer slang, term gay, quing

queer slang, term gay, yellow voice
(image via Agustin Rafael Reyes)
queer slang, term gay, cell phoney
(image via Ben Raynal)

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