penis news bloopers
penis news bloopers

Get Immature AF With This 10-Minute Compilation of Penis-Related News Bloopers

What is it with meteorologists who just love to draw penises on live television?

We’re all familiar with those horny newscasters – the ones who act like they’ve just learned how to use the studio’s newfangled technology. After drawing a huge cock and balls on their map of the United States, they either have no clue what they’ve done, or they realize it and let out the chuckle of a freckled fifth grader. Whatever gets you through the day, right?

Take a second to get super immature and watch this compilation of local news’ greatest penis bloopers, from more meteorologists than you thought one country could house to the occasional political pundit who really sucks at freehand-drawing the United States. They’re all here.

Then, when you’re ready to move onto something a bit more truly scandalous, you can graduate to this compilation of male nudity in film (over 50 eyefuls of famous peen, link NSFW).

Watch this compilation of penis news bloopers:

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