People Are Posting Sex Confessions About Pennywise, the Demon Clown from ‘It’

People Are Posting Sex Confessions About Pennywise, the Demon Clown from ‘It’

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Gay fans of the newly released movie It, based on the 1986 Stephen King novel, may know that the film’s demonic clown villain Pennywise has been taken up as a gay icon — he’s even said to be dating The Babadook, a murderous monster from a 2014 Australian fright flick. But you might not realize that lots of internet fans have been posting Pennywise sex confessions.

We’re talking about sexual fantasies involving the actual evil clown, not Bill Skarsgard, the actor who plays him (though people find him sexy, too).

In fact, Pennywise has an entire Tumblr site dedicated to sexual fantasies about him: It’s called Pennywise Confessions (slightly-NSFW) and even though it contains no pornographic images, it’s still pretty explicit.

Here’s a sampling of Pennywise sex confessions:

And those are just the ones that don’t mention actual sex or things he’d do with his claws.


Why are people posting Pennywise sex confessions?

Numerous commenters have mentioned that Pennywise is actually an ageless, formless, pre-historic force of fear that has no gender (and is possibly female). The character from the 1986 book offers a blowjob to a child just to terrify him, but beyond that, the monster exhibits no interest in sex or affection (apart from laying a few eggs in its insect form). It mostly likes to eat people and their souls.

So the idea that Pennywise would want sex or affection is outlandish.

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Nevertheless, it’s not surprising that people find Pennywise sexually attractive. For one, the actor who plays him is attractive; secondly, clown porn is totally a thing (Google it); and third, people have long been into inflatophilia and vorarephilia, sexual fantasies involving balloons and being eaten, two things Pennywise excels at.

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If you find all this bizarre, it might help to consider what one open-minded commenter wrote: “I have only one thing to say to all of these people who un-ironically want to fuck Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. … Hey, whatever floats your boat.”

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