New Web Series ‘People Like Us’ Explores Gay Rights and Safe Sex in Singapore

New Web Series ‘People Like Us’ Explores Gay Rights and Safe Sex in Singapore

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In a new web series called People Like Us, filmmaker Leon Cheo promotes gay rights and safe sex in Singapore, where homosexuality is illegal.

The series focuses on the lives of four gay men in Singapore. It explores gay culture in the city-state and discusses safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Cheo told Gay Star News:

Our primary goal was to ignite discussion and promote awareness about the social and sexual situations gay men experience. We also wanted to be sex-positive and non-judgmental – we all know how judgmental the community can be. If we shied away from ‘taboo’ or ‘controversial’ situations such as sexual assault, saunas, condom-less sex, and chem-sex, then we exacerbate the silence by sweeping it under the carpet.

One thing we explored with the Joel character is how gay men negotiate – or don’t negotiate – sexual risks, condom use, talking about STIs, HIV status and more.

The series takes its name from a pro-LGBTQ lobbying group and a popular slang term for “gay” in Singapore.

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