‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Kendall Jenner’s Controversial Pepsi Ad

‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Kendall Jenner’s Controversial Pepsi Ad

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Saturday Night Live poked some fun at Pepsi’s ad featuring Kendall Jenner last night and the resulting sketch is hilarious.

Earlier this week, Pepsi rolled out a tone-deaf ad the blew up the internet. The message was clear: All those Women’s Marches, Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations outside Trump Tower would be much more effervescent— and effective — if a famous reality star had just brought some soda.


Following the commercial’s backlash, Pepsi pulled the ad and apologized to Kendall Jenner (but not those in the #BlackLivesMatter movement). In its statement, Pepsi says it “was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding” but “missed the mark.

But how does a company as big as Pepsi miss the mark?

This is what SNL questions with their parody, showing the ad’s writer and director discussing the concept with his family who all tell him it’s a horrible idea.

“It’s an homage to resistance,” he says. “There’s this huge protest in the street, reminiscent of Black Lives Matter. Everybody is marching and they get to these police officers and you think it’s going to go bad because there’s kind of a standoff. And then Kendall Jenner walks in. She walks up to one of the police officers and she hands him a Pepsi. And then that Pepsi brings everybody together. Isn’t that, like, the best ad ever?”

Though the director’s sister isn’t seen or heard, it’s obvious she doesn’t approve of the plot as her brother’s face drops. “Sort of tone deaf?” he repeats. “I think maybe you just kind of don’t get it.”

The director then speaks to other family members, friends and neighbors including one African-American neighbor who won’t even let him get past Black Lives Matter. Realizing they may be right, the director desperately asks a fellow crew member, “Do we have time for a quick rewrite?”

But it’s just too late.

Watch the hilarious Saturday Night Live Pepsi parody below:

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