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Perez Hilton Tells Kylie Jenner She Should’ve Gotten an Abortion

Perez Hilton Tells Kylie Jenner She Should’ve Gotten an Abortion

Written by Alexander Kacala on September 30, 2017
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In two videos posted to his YouTube channel, Perez Hilton goes on a heated tirade against Kylie Jenner, basically saying that she should’ve gotten an abortion.

Rumors have been circulating that Jenner is pregnant with her current boyfriend Travis Scott’s child. For some reason, Perez Hilton, a father himself, decided he should weigh in on the subject with two manic videos.

In the first, Hilton begins: “If I was Kris Jenner, I would tell that girl to get an abortion. Let’s be really real here, people: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not gonna last. They’re not gonna end up happily ever after. They’re having a baby and they barely know each other. But you know what, it’s great for business. Take that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna!”

“Babies taking care of babies, you know the Kardashian show is about to end so Kylie just wants to get a role on Teen Mom. This is when being pro choice really comes in handy.”

“I personally don’t think at 19 and given who she is and where she is in her life she’s gonna be a great mom. Yes, I know she has tons of money and will have probably like, 12 nannies, but still, kids need more than just a paid babysitter,” he said. “They need guidance, they need discipline, nannies aren’t going to discipline your kids parents, parents discipline their kids.”

Hilton’s video caused quite a stir obviously. One YouTuber commented: “Wow! This is the first time I’ve clicked on your videos and it will certainly be the LAST! You wanna talk about crazy???? Dude, look in the mirror and take a second to hear the stupidity and ignorance that comes out of your mouth. If you have nothing of any substance to say, then just SHUT UP!”

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So Hilton responded with a second video, where he clarified his original remarks but basically doubled down on the fact that he thinks Kris Jenner should have told her daughter to get an abortion.

“I just want to be very clear: I 1000 percent respect a woman’s right to choose,” Hilton said. “I am not saying Kylie Jenner should get an abortion right now. What I said, or what I meant to say if I didn’t say it accurately, was if I was her mother I would have told Kylie Jenner to get an abortion when they found out in July.”

“I’m not saying to get an abortion now. I’m not saying ‘Get an abortion.’ I would never say that to her. I’m not her dad or her mom, but if I were, that’s what I would have said. And that’s the same thing I’d say to my daughter if she were to get pregnant under similar circumstances: her age, not a stable relationship, (and) her just being totally unfit to be pregnant in my opinion,” he added.

“I stand by everything I said in that first video, and if you don’t like it, great! You don’t have to like it,” he said. “It was just my opinion. I’m entitled to mine, You’re entitled to yours. And I said what I said because I actually love children so much, and I also love that in this country it is legal to do what you want with your own body.”

“You do you, I will keep doing me.”

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