Watch Trump’s Anti-Gay Dutch Ambassador Get Caught Lying on National Television

Watch Trump’s Anti-Gay Dutch Ambassador Get Caught Lying on National Television

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Pete Hoekstra, the anti-gay U.S. Ambassador to Holland installed by Donald Trump, recently humiliated himself on national television in that country when he was caught in two back-to-back lies about his previous statements. One lie denied a recorded Islamophobic statement he made in 2015, and his second lie denied an on-camera statement he made during the TV interview itself. We’d be surprised about these Pete Hoekstra lies if he weren’t already an empty husk of a man-clown.


Pete Hoekstra lies on camera … twice

In an interview for the news program Nieuwsuur, Dutch journalist Wouter Zwart asks Hoekstra about a statement he made declaring the existence of “no-go zones” in the Netherlands where Muslims set cars and politicians on fire.

“I didn’t say that,” Hoekstra replies. “That is actually an incorrect statement. Yeah, we would call it ‘fake news.’ I never said that.”

When Zwart disagrees with Hoekstra, Hoekstra replies, “No, it’s not what I said.”

Zwart then shows Hoekstra a clip of himself in a 2015 meeting clearly saying, “The Islamic movement has now gotten to a point where they have put Europe into chaos. Chaos in the Netherlands, there are cars being burnt, there are politicians that are being burnt. And yes, there are no-go zones in the Netherlands.”

When the interview cuts back to Hoekstra and Zwart, Zwart says, “You called it fake news, obviously…” and Hoekstra replies, “I didn’t call that fake news. I didn’t use the words today.”

Zwart looks towards the camera, and says, “No?” and quickly laughs in disbelief before continuing.

Hoekstra was born in the Netherlands, but when he was very young, his family immigrated to Michigan. He has since issued a half-assed Islamophobic “apology” in which he writes that he has been “passionate about confronting the global threat of terrorism” and saying that he regrets “the exchange” during the interview — not his repeated lying, but the exchange.

Hoekstra has also been passionate about denying LGBTQ people basic rights. During his time as a Michigan State Representative, he co-sponsored anti-equality measures at least nine times and received awards for voting according to the wishes of the Family Research Council, a certified anti-LGBTQ hate group.

Dutch newspapers criticized Hoekstra as a bad choice for their equality-minded country at the time of his appointment to the ambassadorship by Trump.

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