After Being Fired, Phaedra Parks Now Blames ‘RHOA’ Producers For Drug, Rape Rumor

After Being Fired, Phaedra Parks Now Blames ‘RHOA’ Producers For Drug, Rape Rumor

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After starting a rumor that one Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate tried to drug and rape another one, Phaedra Parks has been fired from the series.

On Sunday’s final reunion episode, Parks admitted she spread a rumor that co-star Kandi Burruss wanted to drug and rape Porsha Stewart. Needless to say, the rest of the cast and host Andy Cohen were disgusted with Parks.

“The entire cast and Andy agreed Phaedra would not be coming back next season. She dug her own grave. She’s considered a liability and will not be returning. Andy is upset,” an insider says.

Burruss, Cohen, Parks and Stewart

Another source said, “There are lines listed in all cast members’ contracts that they cannot cross. Libel is one of them. She’s in breach of contract and the cast basically said, ‘Us or her.’ ”

But Parks is now pointing the finger at one of the producers for providing her with the false information in the first place. “Phaedra tried to blame producers for manipulating the scenario, and it was cut from the reunion show. They’re not allowed to break the ‘fourth wall’ and talk about production. It may not have been entirely Phaedra’s fault, but she has to take the fall,” the source said.

A Parks source said there was “a producer who told her the drug and rape story, which she repeated to another cast member. It snowballed. The editing was not kind to her.”

Bravo denys these allegations by Parks and claims that production was not involved.

But what about Kandi Burruss?

After the rumor came out on the show, Burruss’ companies and brands suffered. She was even referred to as “Bill Cosby” on social media.

“One of my businesses is Bedroom Kandi,” Burruss opened up during an interview on Monday. “People already want to makes sex look like it’s something negative anyway. So it is like if you do anything or participate in something like drugging and all that kind of stuff, people do not even want to have anything to do with you, when you have something to do with a scandal like that.”

Burruss also answered about why she called out Andy Cohen during the last reunion episode.

She said: “Well my whole thing was, okay, we’re put in the hot seat daily, you know what I mean? But they get to reap the benefits or whatever but they don’t have to deal with their brands getting messed up. So in my mind I’m like well ‘How do you feel about it? What do you think?’ You keep asking me what I think. Well what are you going to do about this? Are y’all going to accept this? Is it okay for people to just come on the show now and just make up lies about you know different cast members and put it out there on television for the world to see? Like you think that’s okay?”

Will Kandi Burruss sue Phaedra Parks?

“My attorneys had told me that I should sue Porsha, at first. And when it came out to the reunion that you know Porsha got the information from Phaedra, I was like you know what let’s just hold up until you guys get to see this whole thing and I will get their opinion on how they think I should handle it and go forward from there.”

Parks, a lawyer, could also be disbarred for the lie. Michael Lissack, a crazed super-fan, has filed an official grievance with the State Bar of Georgia against Phaedra for her behavior on the show.

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