Philly’s Pride Flag Is About to Get Two New Black and Brown Stripes, and Here’s Why

Philly’s Pride Flag Is About to Get Two New Black and Brown Stripes, and Here’s Why

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Philly’s pride flag is about to get a makeover.

Philadelphia is redefining the LGBT pride flag as we know it. The city has a launched a new campaign, “More Color More Pride,” adding one black and one brown stripe to the traditional six colored rainbow. The new design will be, from top to bottom: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

The website for the “More Color More Pride” campaign reads:

In 1978, artist Gilbert Baker designed the original rainbow flag. An iconic symbol of LGBTQ+ unity. So much has happened since then. A lot of good, but there’s more we can do. Especially when it comes to recognizing people of color in the LGBTQ+ community. To fuel this important conversation, we’ve expanded the colors of the flag to include black and brown. It may seem like a small step. But together we can make big strides toward a truly inclusive community.

Tierney, a Philadelphia-based advertising agency, approached the Office of LGBT Affairs with the new design.

G Philly’s Ernest Owens reported on the new flag before the city officially made its announcement.

Owens reported:

“The black and brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight black and brown LGBTQIA members within our community,” said one source involved with the flag-raising event who asked not to be named. “With all of the black and brown activism that’s worked to address racism in the Gayborhood over the past year, I think the new flag is a great step for the city to show the world that they’re working toward fully supporting all members of our community.”

A spokesperson for the event would not confirm the new design, but in a statement described the flag reveal as “a special, can’t-be-missed unveiling and raising of a brand-new Pride flag which promises to be a step toward inclusivity, to spur dialogue within the community, and to impact the worldwide conversation.”

Amber Hikes, the city’s director of LGBT Affairs, told the Philadelphia Gay News, “Seeing an image like this flag instills so much pride in me as a queer black woman. When I see the flag, I feel like I see myself.”

Hikes says the extra stripes are “simple, but remarkable.”

“The new design is a symbolic representation of Philadelphia’s commitment to centering the experiences, contributions, activism and dedication of black and brown members of our community,” Hikes continues. “To me, this flag says: ‘We see you. We honor you. We celebrate you. You’re not just a part of us. You are us.’”

Watch this video explaining the new pride flag:

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