Prisoner Caught with Two Cell Phones, Charger, Herbal Medicine and SIM Card Up His Butt

Prisoner Caught with Two Cell Phones, Charger, Herbal Medicine and SIM Card Up His Butt

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But how is the service up there?

Daniel Harrington was found with two mobile phones, a charger cable, herbal medicine and a SIM card all up his bottom while appearing in front of the British courts.

“Harrington also had the presence of mind to conceal two mobile phones, a charging cable and SIM card in his anus,” prosecuting attorney Philip Evans said. “So it was that while he was being sentenced for one crime, he was actively handling the execution of his next offence.”

After finding the phones and charging cable, the 25 year-old convicted man was able to get the SIM card past officers. Inside the prison, the card was used by another inmate to threaten to blow up his ex-partner’s house,

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“Although his own recollection of what happened is clouded by a very large quantity of Valium, it is very likely that it was due to anxiety, naivety and to curry favors with other prisoners when he got there,” Harrington’s defense attorney Paul Norton said.

Judge Simon Jack jailed Harrington for 18 months for conveying prohibited items into prison. He told Harrington smuggling the items into his bottom “did not happen by accident”.

“It is not intended they should be able to communicate readily and freely with the outside world, ” the judge said. “What you did undermines that part of the prison system and it is because of that the courts have to take serious action.”

Can you hear us, now?

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