PHOTOS: Anonymous Users On ‘Whisper’ Reveal Their Coming Out Secrets

PHOTOS: Anonymous Users On ‘Whisper’ Reveal Their Coming Out Secrets

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Whisper is an app that’s sort of a cross between SnapChat and PostSecret. Anonymous users make meme-styled posts out of photos with whatever secret is eating at them. Via the website, Whisper.Sh, users can search and browse various secrets or “whispers.” Whisper provides an outlet for stuff that’s weighing on users’ minds, but more than that, it provides a look into the invisible thoughts of our culture.

In this gallery, we’ve chosen some of the best Whispers about coming out. If you’re in the closet, hopefully this will encourage you to come out (if it’s safe to), or at least let you know that others are also trying to find the courage. If you’re out of the closet, maybe it’ll remind you to support friends of yours who might be newly-out. And if neither applies to you, this might be an extra dose of encouragement to be a good ally and provide encouragement to friends who need it.

Trying to find the courage to come out to my family as I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not... My friends accept me, but I just worry about their reactions.
I finally gained enough courage to come out of the closet. My friends don't understand that I didn't want everyone to know. Now I am kinda happy they didn't. I am happily out.  17/F
I've finally decided to come out as trans* and I'm so excited! All I need is a masculine/gender neutral name! Any suggestions?
I just got a new job and I'm nervous that my co-workers will find out I'm gay even though I've already come out...
I regret taking soo long to  come out of the closet. If I hadn't I feel I would have  a lesbian friendship   by now. Someone else I can relate to, talk to and have fun times with.  21/F
I was a gay slut, it was easier than coming out
I am freaking out. By the end of the day I have to come out as agenderflux. It's a goal I set myself. I can't do it.
I have finally come out as being asexual :) (not being in love with any gender) I love the freedom
My family disowned me because i didn't come out
I had a dream about
I'm MTF transgendered and I don't think I will ever be able to come out to my family. I'm just going to move away.
People asking for likes on whisper to come out to their parents isn't for attention. It's for reassurance. To feel like they're not a freak. That people will accept them.
The LGBT community are NOT damaged or an abomination. They took more courage than the rest of us to fully come out to the world. Knowing how the rest of the world would react. So STOP HATING!!!

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