PHOTOS: Asexuals Confess Secrets Anonymously On ‘Whisper’ Art

PHOTOS: Asexuals Confess Secrets Anonymously On ‘Whisper’

Written by Matt Keeley on January 06, 2016
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Not too long ago, we shared some Whispers from Whisper.Sh about coming out. If you missed that one, Whisper’s an app that is like an anonymous SnapChat with the world.

This time, we thought we’d see what the secret-sharers at Whisper had to say on the subject of asexuality.

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I'm asexual and hot as fuck #sorrynotsorry

I'm 28 asexual and still a virgin. I want nothing to do with sex...

My best friend came out as asexual, I hugged him and told him food was always better.

Being asexual is confusing

Im starting to think i should just tell people im Asexual, until they really know me, because maybe taking sex off the table will deter the people who value sex so highly. Because I really dont.

"It would be easier if I was asexual." If you ever say these words you are officially an asshole and I will personally break your nose.

I wonder if guys would stop being creepy if I told them I was asexual.... My libido's low enough that it might as well be true anyway.

People don't take me serious when I tell them that I am asexual. It's exhausting and it makes me anxious...

I feel like I can't be a good enough partner to my partner because I'm asexual and apothisexual (sex-repulsed), and I don't think I could ever do it.

I'm asexual. I've only ever told my best friend who was super supportive but I feel like with my other friends and family I can't express who I really am because they won't understand.
I feel bad when people flirt with me because I don't want to be rude but I don't want to lead them on. I also don't want to explain to them that I'm asexual.
I am honestly scared sh@tless that I might be asexual because that would mean there is an entire realm of the human experience I can never get

Is there such a thing as a Homoflexible Asexual?

I'm asexual and I've realised I was molested as a child but feel that people will blame my asexuality on that when that's not how it works.

Weirdly enough, people automatically assume I'm a Tumblr fanatic because I'm asexual. And I like dragons. The latter is true, but I don't know where this shit is coming from.

How come the minute I say I'm asexual, people try to hook up with me to "change" me. I'm not broken. I'm not ashamed

My dad found out I am asexual and told me I just haven't been through puberty yet. Trust me, I have...

I don't understand why there isn't much publicity about Asexuals... We exist you know.

I wish more people understood what Asexuality is.

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