gay books, gay, pulp novels, retro
gay books, gay, pulp novels, retro

PHOTOS: Check Out This Great Collection Of Gay Pulp Novel Covers!

Ryan Richardson is an awesome pop culture archaeologist. He’s getting some attention right now for posting the entire archives of the 70s/80s punk magazine Slash. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a lot other archives too. Two of the best are Fanzine Faves, collecting punk fanzines, and Star 1973 compiling all five issues of the groupie-culture teen magazine Star.

You could spend years poking around all the stuff Richardson has scanned and linked from his website, but perhaps the most fun is Gay On The Range, a collection of cover art from gay-themed pulp erotica from the 1960s. We’ve excerpted a mere sampling of the best below, but we urge you to go check out the full collection!

The dude on the left totally looks like a Tim Heidecker character. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Either that or Frank Zappa. Wait... is that Rock Hudson?? That's totally Rock Hudson, right?? something something hacky 50 shades of grey joke ...I don't know what the deal is with Scarecrow Cthulhu is back there. Ah, yes, that classic of the genre Of Belle Boat The. Man, I hated it when teachers'd take their classes outside. GAY WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH! RZZZZ! I just like the title of this one. It's weirdly poetic in its use of homophobic slang. I'm pretty sure it's not just the Greeks and Romans who bathe. More of these should be named after country songs. I love the Valley Of The Dolls reference. Yo dog, I heard you like camp so I put camp in your camp so you can camp while you camp. FREDDIE! WAIT... what if God doesn't talk to us any more because he's busy showering?? Aww, they got a puppy! Some of the art is really good... some of the art... isn't. I like how a few of them have sexy women on the cover, I guess as decoys? No, Senator Swish isn't about gay stuff, it's about a guy who's bored at women in front of the fake Beatles! OUT: TWINCEST IN: SINCEST I think they forgot a 'gay' or two. Dingo Stark. Really. I just like the idea of the power structures trembling.

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