PHOTOS: A Gallery Of Orlando Vigils Around The World Art

PHOTOS: A Gallery Of Orlando Vigils Around The World

Written by Matt Keeley on November 11, 2019
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One positive to come out of tragedy is the way the entire world comes together in support, grief and love — it lets the wounded community know they’re not alone. The Orlando shooting is no exception. We’ve compiled a collection of photos of vigils and rallies from around the world to help show a larger world who are mourning and living alongside the LGBTQ community.

New Zealand

Candlelight vigil for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub massacre. Dunedin, NZ

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jordi boixareu, barcelona, vigil, orlando shooting
In Barcelona (Spain) a man places candles on a rainbow flag, symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride, on 13 June, 2016. (Photo: Jordi Boixareu)

United States

sarah mirk, portland, orlando shooting, vigil
Hundreds of people gathered outside Embers nightclub in downtown Portland to mourn the terrorist attack at Pulse in Orlando and call for LGBT acceptance and tighter gun control. (Photo: Sarah Mirk)

NYC Pride is next Sunday. I've heard there are some who are scared to go this year because there is a chance that what could have happened to LA pride might happen to NYC pride. To that I say I understand, and you have every right to want to be safe. BUT. Many of us will still be marching along with myself and many others of my friends. Pride is about marching in the face of adversity, and standing up when people of hate are trying so hard to keep us down. March for those 59!! 59…oh my gosh…do it for them, do it for their family, do it for the future queers of this world! We are here! We are love! We are HUMAN! We will not be silenced by hate! Not now not ever! #love #pride #gay #staystrong #gaypride #nycpride #standup #marchon #beyou #queer #orlando #weareorlando #lgbtqia #lgbtqiapride

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Fibonacci Blue, Minneapolis, Orlando Shooting, Vigil
Around 3000 people gathered in Loring Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota to unite in the wake of the Orlando, Florida shooting in a gay nightclub that killed at least 50 people. Speakers called for facing violence against the LGBTQA community with solidarity and love. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue)
tony webster, loring park, minneapolis, orlando shooting, vigil
“Vigil to Unite in the Wake of the Orlando Shooting” organized by OutFront Minnesota in Loring Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota, the evening of June 12, 2016. (Photo: Tony Webster)
Benjamin Kerensa, Portland, Oregon, Vigil, Orlando Shooting
A girl holds a rainbow flag at Portland, Oregon’s vigil (Photo: Benjamin Kerensa)
los angeles, vigil, orlando shooting, eric garcetti
The crowd at a vigil for the victims on the shooting in Orlando on the steps of City Hall in Los Angeles (Photo: Eric Garcetti)

Supporting a Walk of Rememberance in Cortland #onepulse #MoreLoveLessHate #WeAreOrlando

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#orlandoshootingvigil #letsallgetalong #perthpride #perthproud

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United Kingdom

Alisdare Hickson, London, Peter Tatchell, Orlando Shooting, Vigil
LGBT love is stronger than anti-gay hate – Peter Tatchell and other activists at London’s vigil in memory of the victims of the Orlando gay nightclub terror attack. (Photo: Alisdare Hickson)
Alisdare Hickson, Queer Muslims Against Homophobia, London, Orlando Shooting, Vigil
Queer Muslims Against Homophobia and Islamophobia. An activist at London’s vigil in memory of the victims of the orlando gay nightclub terror attack. (Photo: Alisdare Hickson)



montreal, canada, orlando shooting, vigil, exile on ontario st
St. James United Church, rue Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, 14 June 2016. (Photo: Exile on Ontario St.)



Chang Mai, Thailand, Orlando Shooting, Vigil
At the U.S. Consulate General in Chang Mai, Thailand, a hand-made sign reads, “Half a world away but our hearts are with Orlando.” (Photo: U.S. Consulate Chang Mai/IIP Photo Archive)

(Featured image via Eric Garcetti/Flickr)

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