PHOTOS: Prince Finally Embraces The Internet, Joins Instagram

PHOTOS: Prince Finally Embraces The Internet, Joins Instagram

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Prince is a notoriously prickly fella, but when you make records as amazing as 1999Purple Rain, or last year’s Plectrumelectrum, you get a lifetime pass. Sure, he’s the one guy who has repeatedly turned Weird Al down, but Prince might finally be mellowing. We’ve seen evidence that he’s grown a sense of humor with the Breakfast Can Wait EP art featuring Dave Chappelle.

And now, the guy who said “the Internet is over” in 2010 might be reconsidering that, too. The Purple One joined Twitter in 2013, there’s actually a couple official videos on YouTube and now, he’s joined Instagram!

Of course, he called it his “Princetagram” (which, um, if he didn’t, something would be seriously wrong — that’s the perfect name), and it’s precisely as fabulous as you’d think it is. We’ve included some of our favorite pics, videos and — surprisingly — Prince memes, and if you want more, give him a follow!



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