PHOTOS: The Most Mind-Blowing Cosplay From Otakon 2015

PHOTOS: The Most Mind-Blowing Cosplay From Otakon 2015

Written by Matt Keeley on November 11, 2019
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Otakon 2015, Baltimore’s huge anime convention, just wrapped up this last weekend. Sadly, none of us could go… but the great pictures of these super-talented cosplayers make us wish we could have! These cosplayers put a lot of effort and skill into crafting their look and embodying their favorite characters — and we love them for it!


aang by alana a

blue paulinaapril tumblr

caffinated crafting tumblr

cap america jim h

dean winchester legolokiismighty tumblr

digletts xshinytears tumblr

disney princess jim h

homestuck sevyvee tumblr

kill la kill by alana a

kill la kill pile by alana a

lotsa connies by kriz2kris tumblr

ouran xshinytears tumblr

pearl saingirl101 tumblr

pillow boys paulinapril tumblr

pokemon paulinaapril tumblr

princess and the frog e7photography tumblr

princess peach from lady--peaches tumblr

rooster teeth by chukips tumblr

ruby and sapphire by kriz2kris tumblr

sailor neptune from literallytouko tumblr

spirited away xshinytears tumblr

tank girl Jim H

video game guys by alana a

yellow cosplay by alana a


groot shiny tears


Featured image via Alana A./Flickr.

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