PHOTOS: Whisper’s Anonymous Agender Secrets

PHOTOS: Whisper’s Anonymous Agender Secrets

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It’s time once again to take a look over at Whisper.Sh! If you’re unfamiliar with Whisper, it’s an app that lets you share secrets anonymously — sort of like a mashup of PostSecret and Snapchat. Previously, we looked at asexualitycoming out and bisexuality — this installment takes a look at the fun and frustrations of being agender.

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To be genderfluid can be allright when i'm in my
I'm agender. Oh, you want to know what gender I /really/ am? AGENDER.
I'm not ready to come out irl so I will anonymously for #nationalconingoutday.  I am agender.
Technically I'm in a hetero relationship; I'm agender and my bae is genderfluid.
Since I came out as gay my mom gets mad at me for everything. Some guys called me names and she said that it was my fault for dressing like a man. She doesn't know I'm Agender and I don't really want to tell her.
I'm agender, and I'm beautiful.
i identify as agender with male pronouns and i cant bring myself to tell my mom. its killing me
Being an agendered pansexual is like being in a candy store: literally everyone is fair game
I don't want breasts because I'm agender and it sucks
I'm planning on coming out as agender to my friends soon. I'm already out to my mom (by accident but she seems okay with it)
I'm asexual agender and aromantic. I feel like im not even fucking  human sometimes.
I don't know if I'm agender or a trans girl like I know I don't like he/him because I've been called that my whole life. How can I tell what I am?


I recently came out to my boyfriend that I was agender/gender neutral and then he came out to me that he was pansexual ?
I don't know how to come out as agender to people especially since I don't plan on changing my or pronouns or appearance, so people probably won't even care
i really wish when i tell people im agender they wouldnt ask me what bathroom i use or what parts i have because its just really fucking ignorant educate yourself or calmly fuck off thanks
I'm am biologically a female but I identify as agender (I don't identify as either) if I do I prefer male pronouns or they. I have struggled with this since the age of 7 and still to this day
I hate when I have to choose either male or female  I'm agender
My mom doesn't know im pansexual and agender, and im horrified of wnats shes going to say when she actually does find out.
LGBT should just be LGB and then we could have TFAL for transgender, genderfluid, agender, and libragender.
The more I think about it the more I feel I'm agender, but will likely just need to present as male
I'm pansexual and agender and I'm very very proud

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