PIC: A Boy And His Balloons Stop Homophobic Protestors In Wisconsin

PIC: A Boy And His Balloons Stop Homophobic Protestors In Wisconsin

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The scene: An LGBT pride parade in Wisconsin with hundreds of participants showing their pride. A group of anti-gay Christian homophobes decided to spoil the fun for everyone by holding up homophobic signs. One in particular read, “Homo Sex Incompatible with Christianity” and listed several anti-gay bible verses.

Then, one lone boy with stood strategically in front of the sign attempting to cover the discriminatory message with a lone balloon. The balloon didn’t do much, and some adult noticed, came over and gave the boy a fistful of multi-colored star balloons to more effectively block the sign. The homophobic protestor tried moving, but the little guy stood in front of him, balloons in hand. The protestor eventually took down his sign and left, and the little boy moved onto another protestor.

As more adults began to notice, the crowd broke into song, singing the American Civil Rights anthem “We Shall Overcome.” Before long, the remaining homophobes packed away their signs and left too.

This isn’t a scene from a TV show or movie; this actually happened this past weekend in Wisconsin. The picture, originally posted on Reddit, shows a boy standing quietly next to homophobes, covering up their signs with rainbow balloons.


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There was no yelling at one another, no profanity being thrown back and forth just a simple gesture from a young boy who had no time for bigotry. It was simple, but spoke volumes.

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