PICS: 18 Countries Photoshopped This Woman To Make Her “Beautiful”

PICS: 18 Countries Photoshopped This Woman To Make Her “Beautiful”

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Original, stock image, model

Shakespeare once said, “What makes you different, makes you beautiful”… wait, or was that the Backstreet Boys? We can never remember, but either way, every culture has a different perception of beauty and the marketing agency, Fractl, set out to prove it.

After being contacted by, Fractl reached out to graphic designers around the world to get their perception of beauty. Fractl sent out a stock image from Shuttershock of a woman standing in underwear and asked freelance graphic designers from 18 countries to alter the photo to what their country would say their standard of beauty is. All but four countries’ graphic designers were women and the countries that used male graphic designers had to have heavy input from women while making changes.

They found that not only does nearly every country have a completely different perception of beauty but some countries made drastic changes to the model until she looked like a completely different person.
Let’s take a look!

The Philippines thinned out the face, waist, thighs and arms of the model while darkening her hair. It also seems they gave her chest quite the lift.

Philippines, model, photoshop

The United States completely changed the model’s face but gave her Kardashian-esque proportions. The designer also gave her a ridiculous thigh-gap. C’mon, you could fly a plane through that gap!

USA, model, photoshop

China decided to get weird. China shed probably over 100 pounds off of the model, gave her a face transplant and seemingly made her limbs darker. Terrifying.

china, model, photoshop

Colombia stuck with curvy but still put the model on a diet, gave her thicker and longer hair and took most of the orange out of her skin.

Colombia, model, photoshop

Egypt not only was inspired by Kim Kardashian but by Will Wonka’s orange-skinned Oompa Loompas as well. 

Egypt, model, photoshop

Italy focused greatly on the body but not as much on the face, changing the weight, underwear, hair and, what seems like, nails on the model. However, they barely shaved off any roundness of the face.

Italy, model, photoshop

The Netherlands not only ginger-fied the model but changed the underwear and thinned her out a bit. The funniest part about their change was putting the model in suede brown boots. Because when you think underwear/bikini, you definitely think boots.

The Netherlands, model, photoshop

Peru likes ’em bottom heavy! They mostly changed the arms, stomach and eyes on the model.

peru, model, photoshop

Romania shaved off inches all around the model’s body but also gave her quite a bit of bronzer to work with judging by the orange hue. 

romania, model, photoshoot

Serbia thinned out the model all around but ultimately kept her looking similar to the original.

serbia, model, photoshoot

South Africa’s face to body proportions look terribly photoshopped. The model is all around thinner and possibly even taller. 

south africa, model, photoshoot

Spain kept their model curvy compared to the other countries and just took a little off all around.

spain, model, photoshop

Mexico gave their model a thinner waist, wide hips and lifter her bust. The graphic designer also went with a more realistic tan.

mexico, model, photoshop

Syria was apparently trying to create a cartoon character. They thinned her out, her hips are wider than her waist but her arms are still thick compared to the rest of her body. Her face is still pretty round at the bottom but her crotch region is rather saggy.

syria, model, photoshop

The UK had beef with the background and changed it to white and trimmed down the model’s body overall.


The Ukraine got wonky and thinned out the model all around while attempting to add more hair — which ended up looking like a bad weave — and transformed her midsection to that of Spongebob Squarepants. Though there is no dreaded thigh gap, her thighs are doing something kinda weird in the middle there.

ukraine, model, photoshop

Argentina didn’t go too crazy but they did thin the model down a bit and gave her a breast lift.

argentina, model, photoshop

Venezuela shaved off the meat on the model’s thighs, changed the color of her shoes, the cut of her bikini and literally plastered new hair on the model.

venezuela, model, photoshop
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