Bodybuilder Michael A. Hoffman
Bodybuilder Michael A. Hoffman

PICS: Instagram Shows Michael Hoffman’s Growing Tattoo Obsession

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When we wrote about Texas bodybuilder Michael Hoffman yesterday, it sent us into a social media frenzy as we checked out his Twitter, his Instagram, his Facebook page, and even all the very NSFW posts on his Tumblr.

Admittedly, Hoffman’s probably not your type if you’re not into young guys with Popeye-like arm muscles and abs you can play like a xylophone, but plenty of people are into that, as the last five years of porn have shown us.

So even if Hoffman’s not exactly your type, it’s still entertaining to look at his tattoo progression over the past year or so. What started out as a simple collarbone tattoo has led across his chest, arms, sternum, thighs and calves.

In chronological order (by tattoo placement if not by Instagram upload date):

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