PICS: Let’s All Salivate Over John Krasinski From “The Office”

PICS: Let’s All Salivate Over John Krasinski From “The Office”

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Next time you’re in the checkout line, you might be surprised to see funny guy John Krasinski looking back at you on the cover of Men’s Health. The magazine’s January issue features him looking pretty beefy, with bulging biceps popping out beneath a t-shirt. Krasinski shared the photo on his Instagram:

Thank you to @menshealthmag for putting this dude on the cover

A photo posted by John Krasinski (@johnkrasinski) on

Best known for playing Jim on the American version of The Office, the actor spent four months getting jacked for his role as a Navy SEAL in the new action movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. You can see video of him being all adorable and flexing in this  behind-the-scenes-video from his Men’s Health shoot.

It’s actually not Krasinski’s first Men’s Health cover. Back in 2007, he appeared in a vintage sports-themed photo shoot called Score One For The Average Guy. “I’m not necessarily the most worked-out guy in the world,” the 6’3″ actor said back then. “I’d just rather go out and play hoops.”

John Krasinski’s first Men’s Health appearance was December 2007

It’s also not Krasinski’s first time playing serious roles either. He played one in Gus Van Sant‘s fracking drama Promised Land. Krasinski’s co-stars include a bunch of other actors who you might recognize but don’t know by name, like the guy from Grimm (Jason Gedrick) and Pornstache from Orange Is The New Black (Pablo Schreiber).

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Michael Bay says that one major action star really wanted to be a part of the movie, but that the director preferred to work with less well-known performers. (Later in the same article, Bay says he had to beg for a bigger budget, so he might also just be saying that.)

The film’s timing is interesting. It’s coming out in January, which is generally a dead-zone for new movies, although last January the similarly political American Sniper was a runaway success. It remains to be seen how the very real Benghazi incident will be handled by director Michael Bay, since four out of Bay’s five last movies were about Transformers.

The movie focuses on a team of Navy SEALs who tried, and failed, to rescue US ambassador Christopher Stephens from a CIA base in Libya. Bay insists that the film has no political agenda. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “This is a much more in-depth look at what’s going on inside that CIA base, and it shows it from both sides.”

Of course, Benghazi is also a sticking point for Hillary Clinton, and the movie will remind audiences of her involvement with the incident just as the first primary voters start heading to the polls.

On a lighter note, Krasinski’s long-standing Christmas prank feud with Jimmy Kimmel escalated this year. Watch the actor prank the talk show host three times over the course of a week, before Jimmy gets his revenge with a Xerox machine and a bucket full of egg nog.

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