PICS: Rainbow Doritos Haters Trolled On Facebook

PICS: Rainbow Doritos Haters Trolled On Facebook

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Facebook hero Mike Melgaard is at it again! You may remember him from when he trolled homophobes objecting to Target’s decision to do away with gender labelling of toys by pretending to be Target’s customer service rep. Melgaard’s got a new customer service “job”. This time, he’s helping out Doritos fend off people upset with their new rainbow Dorito campaign.

See, if you send $10 to It Gets Better, you’d get a free bag of rainbow-colored Doritos. Neat, huh? Unfortunately, certain people — let’s call them jerks — don’t like this promotion and have been vocal on Doritos’ Facebook page. Melgaard “helped” by taking some of the complaints himself… but sadly, Doritos didn’t appreciate him, and deleted his comments… but not before they were screencapped for posterity!

Here are a few of our favorites:

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Happily, the Rainbow Doritos fundraiser has been successful; they’ve actually run out of the limited-edition bags. You can sign up at the It Gets Better site to be notified if and when more bags become available. But, of course, donating is a good idea, regardless of whether or not you get any chips.

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