PICS: Rihanna, Please Lay Off The Weed And Release Your Album Already

PICS: Rihanna, Please Lay Off The Weed And Release Your Album Already

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Victoria’s Secret announced on Tuesday that Rihanna will no longer headline the storied lingerie brand’s annual TV fashion show, stating rather bluntly via Twitter that cooing Englishwoman Ellie Goulding will replace our favorite Barbadian for the runway show. The official word from the Rihanna camp is that she’s still tweaking Anti, her first album for Jay Z’s Roc Nation label and eighth album overall. The trouble is that Anti really should be done already, and some fans in Rihanna’s devoted Navy are getting crabby. For most of her career, Rihanna’s been a singles producing machine, releasing seven albums in eight years during an era where it’s pretty standard for pop and R&B stars to wait several years between each album cycle. It’s been a whole month since she revealed the album art – which is awesome, incidentally – but even the singer’s father has gone to the newspapers to report his daughter’s unhappiness with her own album. Hey, Rihanna: we might have a solution!

Lay. Off. The. Weed.

Rihanna’s released three singles this year, and lumped together they’re an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of conflicting styles. The Paul McCartney-assisted Kanye duet “FourFive Seconds” was a pretty appealing acoustic ballad, but it was followed by the bombasic yet hollow hoo-hah of VMA winner “American Oxygen”, a song which tanked badly on radio and which was rapidly steamrollered by the better, brasher “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Complete with super-NSFW video, #BBHMM told the world that Rihanna had finally found her footing again. And then the world waited. And waited. As recently as last week, gossip blogs hinted that the album would drop any day now. And still we wait.

In comparison, when her last album came out three Novembers ago, Rihanna’s publicity team went nuts with promotion, luring a bunch of music writers onto an airplane and hijacking them for a week-long jaunt that led to some seriously entertaining music journalism. (Seriously.)

In comparison, Roc Nation seems a lot less into Rihanna than Def Jam was.

Now, this may just be a coinkydink, but combing through Rihanna’s Instagram, it seems pretty obvious that the lady is stoned much, if not most, of the time. Fashion magazines know that it’s always 4:20 in Rihannatown, and her professional shoots for Fader, i-D, V Korea and W are at least as smoky as her selfies and carefully orchestrated candids. Here are just 25 examples of the many, many instances wherein the sleepy-eyed songstress looks completely baked. We only went back a year, so we’re not even going back to the era when she actually dressed up as weed for Halloween.

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