PICS: Russell Tovey Strips Down to His Undies in ABC’s ‘Quantico’

PICS: Russell Tovey Strips Down to His Undies in ABC’s ‘Quantico’

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The ABC network knows its viewers want man-candy, that’s why they show man-action on Shoda Rhimes How To Get Away With Murder and openly gay actor Russell Tovey strutting around in undies on their terrorism thriller Quantico.

Since HBO’s Looking went off the air, Tovey has popped up on Quantico as Harry Doyle, a character that’s been described as “part Thomas Crown, part grown-up Artful Dodger” who “is just as likely to seduce your husband as he is to pick his pocket when it’s over.” Right on — he can pick our pockets anytime… we don’t carry cash.

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Attitude magazine got some nummy screen caps from a recent Quantico episode featuring Tovey half-nude half-the-time, so we shared some of our favorites below along with a gay fun-fact about Quantico (a show we enjoyed watching during its first season).


Tovey’s character is actually the show’s secondly openly gay major character just behind blonde daddy-in-training Elias Harper who (SPOILER ALERT) committed suicide after helping carry out a terrorist attack during season one. Harper also helped unmask another character who was only pretending to be gay, which is kinda weird, but what do you expect from a primetime investigative drama, even if it was created by openly gay screenwriter Joshua Safran?

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