Pierna Cruzada, Mexican Illustrator, Encourages Us All to Be More Gay

Pierna Cruzada, Mexican Illustrator, Encourages Us All to Be More Gay

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Meet up-and-coming Mexican illustrator Gonzalo Angulo, the man behind “Pierna Cruzada.” Spanish for “crossed leg,” the name of the character cleverly references the idea that it’s ‘feminine’ when a man crosses his legs. Angulo creates fun, satirical cartoons about gay life, and to uncover more about his creations, we had a chat with the artist in his native language.

Who is the man behind “Pierna Cruzada”?

My name is Gonzalo, but everybody calls me Gonz. I’m originally from Cancún, a warm and fun city for many people, but it was small for me, so I decided to move to the big city (Mexico City) almost two years ago, and I love it! There’s everything you need here.

How do you come up with the ideas for your amazing artwork?

I’ve always wanted to share my experiences and stories with people, but I didn’t know how. Before the project started, I would look at a lot of illustrators online, and I felt inspired by their personal stories. The majority of them weren’t professional illustrators, and they inspired others to try it and to not be afraid if you suck at it in the beginning. So that’s what I did—I turned my ideas into fun and pink-extravaganza illustrations. Pierna Cruzada in English means crossing your legs or ‘legs crossed.’ The name reminds me of my childhood: Men in my family would say that men who crossed their legs were gay and that I shouldn’t do it, and I immediately thought it was an excellent name for the project!


Do you see your art as making a statement, or is it more a fun outlet for your artistic side?

When Pierna Cruzada started, I wanted to talk about discrimination outside and inside the gay community. Now I’m focusing on just showing the character as someone who isn’t afraid to be himself, who wears whatever he wants, who can wear a skirt and heels and look fabulous—because we all are. While growing up, I was told not to do feminine things because it was wrong. Society is afraid of gender-crossing moments, and I think we should embrace it.

Is there a difference between you and your Pierna Cruzada character?

He’s more fabulous and extroverted. I’m actually a very shy person and also an introvert. Physically there are some similarities, like the hair, beard and thick eyebrows. I love eating, riding my bike, walking around the city and listening to music all the time. I can’t stand drama, loud people and being forced to do things I don’t want to do.


What’s your favorite thing about Hornet?

I love my dating apps, but Hornet is the app where I find the most interesting and sexy guys. And you also have access to more public and private photos.

Pierna Cruzada, Hornet, Illustrator

What do you look for in a guy?

I love guys who are passionate about what they say and do. That turns me on. I also like hairy legs and glasses.


When you meet a guy, do you introduce “Pierna Cruzada” on the first date?

Not all the time. I try to wait a few hours, because if it’s a bad date I can take some inspiration from that and turn it into a comic. But if the date goes well, sure, I’ll say it.


Describe your perfect date.

Going out for a drink, getting to know the guy and making out. Dirty, passionate and sweaty.

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