Remember That Time Piers Morgan Tried to Frame a Gay Youth Group for Pedophilia?

Remember That Time Piers Morgan Tried to Frame a Gay Youth Group for Pedophilia?

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Conservative “journalist” Piers Morgan is currently having a meltdown because actor Ewan McGregor skipped out on an interview with him. We here at Hornet are proudly #TeamEwan, thanks to that time Piers Morgan tried to frame a warm, kind-hearted gay youth group as a pedophile sex trafficking ring.

Writer Ben Myers says he worked for Morgan (whom he refers to as an “oil slick”) back in the mid-1990s. Morgan had a special undercover mission for the then-19 year old intern: try to make a gay youth group look like pedophile pimps. Myers writes:

And so that night I found myself in a youth club playing the role of a sexually confused 16-year-old who had just moved into the area and was seeking some friendship and, hopefully, according to my new reporter friend, the advances of some predatory nonce. Ideally they would want to pass me and – fingers crossed – some of the younger members of the youth club into the grubby mitts of a child abuse ring.

But Morgan was dismayed to learn that no one tried to rape Myers. Instead, Myers found the group’s leaders—a pair of lesbians—to be “well-meaning” and “lovely.” The group welcomed him into their community with open arms and tried to help him find a job.

Piers Morgan and his associates were deeply disappointed, but not deterred. They were determined to prove that gays were pedophiles. Myers continues:

No, no, no, I said. They’re good people. Really nice. Well-meaning.

You’ll have to go back next week, I was told. There must be something shady going on. We’ll find something. Don’t you worry. We’ll find something on them… Can we frame the lesbians?

That’s when Myers realized just how sleazy Piers Morgan’s organization was. A scandal years later in which Morgan appeared to be involved in the hacking of a dead child’s cell phone only confirmed that belief.

So we can’t blame McGregor for skipping out on Morgan. If only the rest of the civilized world would follow suit.

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