Celebrate Math Hunk Pietro Boselli With 7 of His Hottest Moments

Celebrate Math Hunk Pietro Boselli With 7 of His Hottest Moments

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To celebrate his birthday, we round-up some of his sexiest moments, from Pietro Boselli naked pics to underwear campaigns, our list has it all.

December 3rd is the birthday of Pietro Boselli. Our favorite math professor turned underwear model, Boselli has bee heating things up with this chiseled good looks and ripped physique for a few years now. The now 29-year-old splashed on the scene after one of his students shared a pic of him on Facebook. The post went viral, and Boselli was signed by Models 1 agency.

Since then, Boselli has been seen in campaigns for clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch and fitness club Equinox. He has also appeared in spreads for Chinese magazine GQ Style and was featured on the cover of gay men’s magazine Attitude.


To celebrate his bday, here are 7 sexy Pietro Boselli naked moments for you.


1. Wait, is that what we think it is?

Boselli quenched more worldwide thirst last year when he posted a revealing photo of himself in very tight compression leggings standing next to his brother.


2. In bed with Boselli

In a campaign for the Philippines based underwear brand Bench Body, Boselli scorched things up with lots of skin. Not leaving too much to the imagination, these  snaps perfectly show off his well-sculpted physique that leaves us only wanting more and more of the delicious Italian hunk.


3. Whitey tighties on the runway

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