Pink Toenails Make a Boy Gay?

Pink Toenails Make a Boy Gay?

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The controversy continues over a boy’s pink toenails in the latest J. Crew catalog. All the fuss stems from the crazies over at Fox News, who called this image “psychological sterilization.” This particular crazy, Dr. Keith Ablow, ignited controversy, saying to the mom in question (Jenna, who also happens to be J. Crew’s creative director), “Yeah, well, it may be fun and games now, Jenna, but at least put some money aside for psychotherapy for the kid.”

Pink toenail controversy with J CrewWell, we weren’t going to write about because it’s really a non-issue. My sister used to paint my toenails pink when I was young and I didn’t turn out gay! Oh wait…hmmmm…maybe those Foxies have a point! J/k. They don’t. There are thousands of men who now identify as straight that played with gender roles when they were kids – that’s what kids do.

These rigid gender stereotypes are detrimental to the development of healthy children, and lead directly to homophobia later in life.  This homophobia is rooted in gender roles, with any male showing feminity being gay and any female showing masculinity labeled a lesbian. This leads to anti-gay bullying, and a whole host of other issues.

Good Morning America jumped into the story yesterday, and interviewed one mom who made the best point of all: If the roles had been reversed and it had been a girl playing with dump trucks in the mud, no one would have said a thing.

Still, John Stewart sums it all up best. “If you take [kids] to a face-painting booth, it doesn’t make them cats.”

Do pink toenails make a boy gay?

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