Airline Passenger Shocked by Man Masturbating to Gay Porn

Airline Passenger Shocked by Man Masturbating to Gay Porn

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Anything can happen on board an airplane! For example, in gay filmmaker George Cukor latest film, Rich and Famous, he had an incredible opening scene where Liz (Jacqueline Bisset) had sex as the plane landed. But in real life recently, a passenger aboard a KLM flight shockingly told the Irish tabloid The Sun about his disgust after discovering a nearby traveller masturbating under a blanket while watching a gay porn on his phone.

The passenger, who wants to remain anonymous, told the newspaper:

“I was so shocked at the time I genuinely didn’t know what to do. He was looking at pretty graphic gay porn on his phone beforehand and wasn’t really making any attempt to hide it. The only reason I didn’t report him at the time or go up and confront him myself is that there were families with kids on board and I didn’t want to make a scene. I coughed loudly and even opened the blind to let him know there were people awake around him but it didn’t bother him.”

The anonymous passenger described the scene in all its graphic detail in a letter he wrote to the airline company: “He was using the TV screen controls and placed tissues in the seat pocket in front of him. I feel bad for your staff, cleaning staff and next passengers”. Wow! Great! Thanks for sharing!

The Sun says that the company was unavailable for comment, but they did reply to the passenger’s complaint:

“We have created a customer care file regarding the incident. Please be assured it has our full attention and at the moment, the case is being handled and reviewed internally. We take this matter seriously and you will hear from us as soon as possible.”

Looking at KLM’s latest ad you might wonder: was this video premonitory? It shows a crazy passenger (played by Ken Marino) acting quite strangely and repeating over and over, obsessively: “It’s an airline, it’s an airline!” AdWeek responded, “Would you want this guy sitting next to you on a plane?”



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