Play Along With Democratic Primary Debate Bingo

Play Along With Democratic Primary Debate Bingo

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The Republican primary debates scored high ratings for their combination of trainwrecky reality show bickering mixed with the easily GIF-able faces of conceptual performance artist and possible future president Donald Trump. For fans of reality show bickering and GIF-able faces, the Democratic primary debates will surely be a snoozefest, as it will consist primarily of old white people being relatively civil to one another. (Seriously, when did the Republicans become the diversity party?)

To keep you awake during the proceedings – live at 8:30PM EDT on CNN – we’ve put together a BINGO card for you. Here’s how it works: randomly number the squares from 1 to 24, and whenever a candidate does something on the list, call it out and mark the corresponding square. The first player to get five in a row wins!

By the way, if you’re really interested in issues, here’s a little more info on Hillary’s flip-flopping about the Keystone XL pipeline, Bernie’s conservative gun poilicies, Martin O’Malley’s pro-cop policies in The Wire-era Baltimore, Jim Webb’s conservative takes on energy and the military, and Lincoln Chafee’s feelings about the metric system.

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