Please Stop Lesbian’s Deportation To Uganda Tonight!

Please Stop Lesbian’s Deportation To Uganda Tonight!

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Brenda Namigadde is a lesbian woman who fled her home country of Uganda because of the hellfire that exists there for LGBT people. Uganda after all, is the country in which Rolling Stone magazine (not affiliated with the U.S. publication) published the names, photos and addresses of a hundred accused homosexuals. Uganda is the country where LGBT activist David Kato was murdered this week.

With all of that said, Namigadde has somehow been denied political asylum in the United Kingdom, and is set to be deported home to Uganda TONIGHT.

Whether or not the accused homosexuals in Rolling Stone are actually gay had no importance. The cover of the magazine still read “Hang Them”. And just the same, Namigadde’s sexual orientation is irrelevant. The Advocate reports:

Her “actual” sexual orientation has now become utterly irrelevant: Thanks to the Bahati call to Melanie Nathan, it is clear that the Ugandan authorities believe she is a lesbian, and with regard to her safety when she returns to Uganda, that is all that matters.

The high profile which this case has now attained means that she is at even greater risk of being targeted by the Ugandan government and made an example of. The case of David Kato is just one example of where this has already happened.

Namigadde is without a doubt the second highest profile LGBT person in all of Uganda now, following Kato’s murder. This paints an enormous target on her back. She must be protected from a country full of those who wish her harm.

Ugandan “Kill The Gays” Bill endorser, David Bahati even has a special interest in Namigadde, and seeks to prosecute her as a criminal if she does not “repent her homosexuality.”

Please sign the petition to grant Namigadde political asylum. It’s not too late for the UK to change their mind. You can sign it HERE.

The petition reads:

To: Home Secretary Theresa May

Subject: Stop Deportation of Brenda Namigadde

Rt Hon Theresa May MP
House of Commons
Tel: 020 7219 5206
Fax: 020 7219 1145

Dear Home Secretary Theresa May,

Please halt the impending deportation of Brenda Namigadde (Case Ref # 1166867), a Ugandan lesbian scheduled for removal. Brenda fled Uganda eight years ago because of persecution for her sexuality, but if forced to return Brenda fears that she’ll be, “tortured, or killed … they’ve put people like me to death there.” The fact that a virulently anti-gay, high ranking member of the Ugandan government has taken note of her case means that Brenda faces clear and present danger if she is returned to Uganda.

Last July you told the press, “We have already promised to stop the removal of asylum seekers who have had to leave particular countries because their sexual orientation or gender identification puts them at proven risk of imprisonment, torture or execution.” Please use all of the powers at your disposal to act now to halt Brenda’s deportation.

Thank you,

Please take a moment to sign it NOW.

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