Pluma Brings a Touch of Camp and Sparkle to Barcelona’s Gay Scene

Pluma Brings a Touch of Camp and Sparkle to Barcelona’s Gay Scene

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We speak to the fabulous Jono Kitchens (Sink the Pink) about his new gay party Pluma, which has already shook up the Barcelona gay nightlife scene in a flurry of glitter and sparkles:

Unicorn Booty: What is Pluma?

Jono Kitchens: Pluma is a DIY, monthly dose of Drag-Queer-Experimental performance and celebration of everything that makes us fags, queers, lesbians and allies.

How did the party come about?

In Spain, “pluma” is a derogatory term for gays who are femme or otherwise not considered to be masculine. In English it means feather. Some guys may state “no pluma” when using dating apps, while others may call you out on the street or in the club for being “pluma.”

In a world full of straight-acting, bearded, dom-top daddies, it seems there’s less space for those who sit on the outside of the parameters of “masc4masc.” I instantly knew I wanted to reclaim the term and create a space where the femme boys, the faggots, lesbians, drag queens, kings and allies could all hang out, dance and have fun together.

Having come from the drag scene in East London I also wanted the night to include performances of all types, a safe space for people to dance, sing, recite poetry, burp the alphabet, lip-sync, striptease, whatever!!

I had met Dino Real, a goddess from Costa Rica, through some mutual friends, and we decided to partner up on making the night happen. He also comes from a cool background of performance-based queers, so it seemed like a great match. Together we came up with the concept, found the right venue and a selection of varied performers—and Pluma was born!

How was the first party, and when is the next one?

After a day of excitement/nerves, we opened the doors at 10 p.m. and there was already a small gathering of people arriving. By 11 p.m. we had a busy bar full of gorgeous creatures who had dressed up for the occasion. Shows began at midnight, with performances from myself, Dino Real, Dirty Pony and Amazonas. After the shows, the party continued with an eclectic mix of pop, electronic, house and disco.

The next Pluma is Thursday, March 16, and it will continue on the second Thursday of each month at La Casa De La Pradera, Barcelona.

Check out photos from the first installment of Pluma below:

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