Pluto TV Is the Latest Way to Watch LGBTQ Films and Shows for Free

Pluto TV Is the Latest Way to Watch LGBTQ Films and Shows for Free

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Today, Pluto TV — a free, live-streaming TV service that offers over 100 channels through their app — unveiled a new channel with exclusive LGBTQ-only content including music, TV shows and films like the original 1999 U.K. series Queer as Folk and the 2015 documentary Drag Becomes Him, about Jinkx Monsoon, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5.

To create the new channel, Pluto TV partnered with REVRY, a video app that streams LGBTQ content on demand, to create channel 429, a 24-hour Pluto TV stream for LGBTQ content.

Pluto TV is available for free on any TV, computer, or smart mobile device and currently boasts a monthly viewership of 6 million people. As such, its new LGBTQ channel could help expose a new generation of viewers to influential queer media.

It could have a large impact on closeted gay youth, queer folk in middle America or folks who can’t afford a cable subscription. It might even get non-gay people watching LGBTQ content.

Some of Pluto TV’s programming for channel 429

Among channel 429’s LGBTQ featured content are Steve Buschemi’s 1986 HIV drama Parting Glances, the 1996 film The Watermelon Woman (the first movie ever created by an openly lesbian black director) and Before Stonewall, a 1984 documentary that recounts the police brutality and censorship that LGBTQ people faced before the historic 1969 uprising.

Channel 429 will also feature international content like EKAJ, a Greek film about a naive teenager who falls in love with a seasoned hustler, and Lip Service, a Scottish series about the lives of lipstick lesbians. It will also feature REVRY Music Blocks with songs from queer musicians like electro-pop artist Junius Frey, glam-pop singer Ricky Rebel and black lesbian rapper Alsace Carcione.

“This community has an amazing number of untold stories that deserve to be broadcasted to a wide audience,” said Tom Ryan, CEO of Pluto TV. “We are honored to provide REVRY with a platform to distribute these stories to big and small screens around the world.”

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