Film Yourself Having Sex in a Panda Costume and PornHub Will Donate $100 to Wildlife Conservation

Film Yourself Having Sex in a Panda Costume and PornHub Will Donate $100 to Wildlife Conservation

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PornHub has promised to donate $100 to panda conservation efforts for every video you upload of yourself having sex in a panda costume.

Animal conservationists have a lot of trouble saving the giant panda from extinction because the cute, cuddly creatures just won’t mate. Their low sex drive could well threaten their future on the planet.

The female panda’s mating season is a scant two to four days out of the year, and during that time males are often too busy eating and napping to seize the limited opportunity.

Female pandas give birth in the wild every two years or so. Female pandas in captivity give birth even less often. That cute panda couple China gifted the National Zoo back in the 1970s took a full decade before they tried to mate. They eventually had five cubs, but none survived to adulthood.

To boost the endangered animals’ sex drives, zoo keepers have even taken to showing giant pandas hardcore panda pornography, with some success. They’ve tried Viagra as well, but it didn’t work.

In response to the critical lack of panda sex, PornHub has launched a campaign encouraging fans to make “panda style” porn in animal costumes or body paint. For every video uploaded to the site’s “panda style” category, PornHub promises to donate $100 to panda conservation efforts. They’ll also donate based on the number of views a video gets. Finally, your fetish can save the natural world!

PornHub also suggests that playing this human-made panda porn could be used to get the pandas in the mood. We’re not so sure about that, unless real-life pandas are either really dumb or really kinky.

This isn’t PornHub’s first foray into public service. The company also sent out trucks to help Boston and New Jersey residents get plowed… out of their snow-covered roads.

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