Pornographers Hacked This Florida (Of Course) City’s Government Website

Pornographers Hacked This Florida (Of Course) City’s Government Website

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The city of Springfield, Florida’s former government website was taken over by porn and citizens are still visiting the old site.

The Panama City News Herald reports:

Last week the city began receiving complaints from citizens who were visiting the city’s old website.

“Our main website is, and if the citizens go to (the old website), it now goes to a porno site,” Mayor Ralph Hammond said.

Hammond said the city apparently let the domain name expire, and the site now contains Japanese pornography.

The only thing that would make this story any better is if gay pornographers hacked the website filling it with glory holes and butt sex. Springfield is in Florida’s conservative Panhandle region. If gay porn filled the web browsers of these Floridians, we are sure there would be some blushed faces and curious scrollers.

“It’s quite embarrassing,” Hammond said. “I had one gentleman call and say, ‘I’m not voting for you anymore because you got porn on the city website.’ ”

BRB while we try to figure out the old website’s address. For research purposes, of course.

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