Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome Is Basically Your Worst Nightmare

Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome Is Basically Your Worst Nightmare

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We are thanking our lucky stars today that we aren’t allergic to our own semen. Apparently, some men experience flu-like symptoms after ejaculating that can last up to a week! We’re talking sniffles, fever, burning eyes, and intense fatigue. Well, the fatigue part might apply…

Doctors rarely even realize the patient is suffering from the syndrome. Flu season, stress, and allergies usually take the blame, while the real problem, P.O.I.S. goes untreated and undiagnosed for the patient’s entire life.

Dutch doctors believe they are onto something though. 45 men recently participated in a medical study that concluded that as long as the semen remains in the testes, the patient experienced no reaction. It’s only when the man ejaculates that the reaction is set into effect. That still leaves quite a big problem in most bedrooms.

In another study whose results were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, men had their own watered-down semen injected back into their skin in the manner a typical allergy test would be performed. 88% of the patients experienced an allergic reaction. Well, we probably wouldn’t appreciate that sort of thing very much either.

Women are also capable of being allergic to their partners’ semen, so this isn’t strictly a predicament for the fellas. Reactions in women can include swollen, itchy genitals, hives, and in rare cases, miscarriages. How have we never heard of this before?

If you think you may suffer from P.O.I.S., talk to your doctor about it. Embarrassing as it may be, you can’t be helped if nobody knows what’s going on.

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