This Video Has Everything You Need to Know About PrEP (Set to a Bangin’ Beat)

This Video Has Everything You Need to Know About PrEP (Set to a Bangin’ Beat)

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The grassroots PrEP movement in the U.K. has stood out as a shining example of how a community can take action to help provide access to PrEP, a daily medication that is highly effective at preventing HIV, when a government neglects to do so. Great strides against the epidemic have been made in the U.K. due to a combination of increased testing, early treatment and PrEP.

Yet there’s still a great deal of work to be done. Many men still lack information or access to PrEP. But PrEPster’s new sexy, provocative video is here to help. The activist organization is dedicated to “educating and agitating” for PrEP — both in England and abroad. And this video is sure to not only increase PrEP knowledge, also to get people talking about their sexual health.

The video was directed by Souleyman Messalti, and stars London’s top drag queen Virginia Wright. It was shot in the basement of East London’s Dalston Superstore. The MAC AIDS Fund supported the video, which is intended to be played in clubs across Europe.

We asked Will Nutland of PrEPster about the video:

The film is explicitly and unapologetically queer — reflecting that large numbers of HIV infections (and therefore potential users of PrEP) happen in younger, scene-attached, urban gay guys. The video reflects the underground, cruisiness and edginess of London’s queer scene — injected with a whole heap of humor.

Despite the video’s pumping soundtrack (listen with headphones on, volume turned right up), it’s also been designed to be played without the audio as a visual background in clubs and venues. You don’t need the audio to understand the information. A viewer can just as easily watch it as they drink a beer at the bar, or as they catch parts of it across the dance floor.


Watch, get into the groove, and pick up some PrEP information.

Watch the new PrEPster video below:

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