Preschooler Stabbed By Classmate For “Looking Gay”

Preschooler Stabbed By Classmate For “Looking Gay”

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6 year old Swedish kindergarten student Oskar’s classmates didn’t like him wearing pink clothing or the occasional nail polish to class. So one of them stabbed him in the neck.

The stabbing, which thankfully occurred with a butter knife, was not reported to the boy’s parents by Oskar’s teacher or principal. Mom and pop had to hear from their little boy why he had a bruise on his neck. The school did not think the incident warranted informing his parents. They called it a “small incident”.

“I don’t want to have my child at a school which considers a stab with a knife to be a ‘small incident’,” the boy’s mother told Jönköpings-Posten.

Um…no shit. A student stabbed their child in the neck with a knife. The fact that it was blunt doesn’t detract from the fact that he was stabbed in the neck.

Oskar, who had been previously tormented by classmates for “looking gay” or “being girly”, has been taken out of the school for his own safety.

Can you believe that the boy’s parents weren’t informed? What is this school thinking?!

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