Who Does Pride Sneakers Best — Adidas, Nike or Converse?

Who Does Pride Sneakers Best — Adidas, Nike or Converse?

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Every so often around Pride month in June, shoe companies will release a limited-edition rainbow-tinged Pride sneaker that becomes a real collector’s item for queer fashionistas. But gone are the days when you could just slap a rainbow on something and sell it as queer fashion. We demand excellence! This year we’ve decided to evaluate the 2017 Pride sneakers from Adidas, Nike and Converse to see which is the most stylish.

1. Adidas: LGBT Pride Ultra Boost

While Adidas makes stylish, sexy soccer gear, the brand’s limited-edition LGBT Pride Ultra Boost seems strangely conservative.

The shoe is pretty much its standard Ultra Boost with “a solid black Primeknit upper with matching side panel cage overlay,” a nicely textured midsole and rainbow accents on the side heels. But when we think LGBTQ, we don’t think “black and white with a dash of color” — we want a shoe that is loud and uniquely designed, just like us (and like the label’s 2015 Pride shoe).

This shoe hasn’t yet been listed on the Adidas website, but if the latest promotion is anything like 2015, the company will donate a portion of sales to Portland’s New Avenues for Youth, a group that teaches life and job skills to homeless and LGBTQ youth.

2. Nike: “Be True” Flyknit Racer

Nike’s Flyknit shoes are snug, supportive, lightweight and breathable — with good traction — and the company’s 2017 “Be True” Pride sneaker comes with a light rainbow swoosh with some pink accents on the side and toe. It’s a daring yet fashionable shoe with no release date as of yet (though the “Be True” varieties usually go on sale in June).

The label has also donated previous “Be True” proceeds to the LGBT Sports Coalition, a group fighting homophobia in sports.

3. Converse: Custom Chuck Taylor Pride All Star High Top

If the Adidas Pride sneaker has too little LGBT essence, this Converse high-top may contain too much — that is, unless you absolutely love rainbows.

This is undoubtedly a statement shoe, one you wear when you want to announce your queerness loudly and proudly. It’s perfect for any parade, Pride celebration or just kickin’ it with your queer pals. Plus, Converse donates all net proceeds to LGBTQ youth organizations.

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