Pack It Up: 10 Essentials for Your Pride Bag This Season

Pack It Up: 10 Essentials for Your Pride Bag This Season

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Pride can be exhausting (but totally worth it). So to make sure you survive the scorching heat and the huge crowds, pack yourself a Pride bag with all the must-have essentials inside. From lots of glitter to a portable phone charger (you’ve gotta make sure your Hornet app is fully locked and loaded), our list of essential Pride stuff has got you covered wherever you’ll be celebrating this Pride season.

Check out our handy guide to the Pride stuff you need in your bag this season.

1. First, the bag itself

A tote is the perfect lightweight bag to bring to the celebration. Not only will it hold all your Pride stuff, but it’s versatile and won’t have you bumping into people like a backpack may. We’re loving American Apparel’s (yes, they still exist) tote that says “They O.K.” on one side. Made of bull denim with a shoulder strap, the tote is a great addition to your parade look that stylishly speaks to your own Pride and your acceptance of others. $30, American Apparel

2. Sunscreen

With so much time spent in the sun during Pride, sunscreen is a must. But why not add some glitter and be even gayer while keeping your skin safe? Fun makeup brand Unicorn Snot has a glitter sunscreen that comes in three splashy colors: blue, gold and pink. $20, Unicorn Snot

3. Lip balm

While you’re protecting your skin from the sun, let’s not forget to protect your lips, too. Try out one of the fruit flavors in this Burt’s Bees Pride Collection. The six lip balms featured in this pack include pomegranate, mango, peppermint, eucalyptus, vanilla bean and Acai berry. $17 for the pack, Target

3. Portable charger

You’re going to be out all day, and you don’t want to be that one Mary hiding in the corner, charging his phone on the floor of a crowded gay bar. Add this portable charger from RAVPower to your Pride bag. It has a capacity of 6,700mAh, which should recharge your smartphone at least once, maybe even twice. And choose from three fun color options. $22, Amazon

4. The perfect hat

In order to keep the blazing sun out of your eyes, you’ll have to bring a sun shield. This hat we found on Etsy is a great, simple design that comes in an array of colors, allowing you to color-coordinate the rest of your look properly. In the center is a small rainbow patch, communicating your Pride in a cute, quaint way. $20, Etsy

5. Makeup

We all need a little extra glitter during Pride month, right? Well, this lip gloss kit from Milk Makeup is the perfect tool to brighten up any parade. The brand boasts 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free makeup, and has teamed up with The Center, an LGBTQ community center in New York City. For every sale of this limited-edition Pride pack, half the proceeds will go to The Center’s life-saving services. $28, Milk Makeup

7. A flask

Drinking on the go is easy to do at Pride, so make sure to prepare by bringing a flask with your liquor of choice. We’re personally loving this stylish and sleek copper flask from Williams-Sonoma. $24, Williams-Sonoma

8. Hangover cure

If you put that flask to good use at Pride, you better have something to help cure your hangover the day after. We recommend Drinkade. Full of vitamins, there are actually two products: the lemon-lime prevention formula to drink before you hit the door, and the berry boost formula, great for the day after. $24 for six-pack, Drinkade

9. Sunglasses

Prescription or not, stand out from the crowd with online eyewear retailer Zenni’s limited-edition line of Pride-themed eyewear. And it’s also for a good cause, as 100% of the profits from both the regular glasses and the sunglasses will be donated to the It Gets Better Project. $13 and up, Zenni Optical

10. Pride flag

Obviously it wouldn’t be Pride if you didn’t have a Pride flag by your side! We recommend leaving the house with the Philadelphia Pride flag — featuring black and brown stripes meant to represent queer people of color — in tow. You will definitely stand out at Pride when waving this symbol of full inclusion and representation. $40, Etsy

What Pride stuff did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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