Prince Harry and Rihanna Took an HIV Test Together

Prince Harry and Rihanna Took an HIV Test Together

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When you go to Barbados, it’s only fair that you meet Rihanna, right?

Yesterday, at an event marking the 50th anniversary of the island nation’s independence, Prince Harry—who has found himself on a Caribbean tour of late—was photographed meeting the Barbadian pop star at a reception.

The UK tabloid press has reported that the prince had only 20 minutes warning to meet Rihanna (gasp!), as they weren’t originally supposed to meet until later in the day, when they’d be appearing onstage together as part of a huge concert for a crowd of 20,000. But Harry—the smooth talker he is—apparently greeted the singer with “Hello, it’s very nice to meet you.” (We can’t help but wonder if he gets “Umbrella” stuck in his head, too.)

But the best part of the meet-up between Prince Harry and Rihanna happened today, on World AIDS Day, when the two took an HIV test together.

Earlier this year, Prince Harry took an HIV test on Facebook Live that racked up 2 million views, after which requests for HIV self-tests reportedly shot up in the UK. Here’s hoping news of this famous duo’s public testing spreads like wildfire and gets people fired up to get tested as well.

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