Prince William Has Been Nominated for a Straight Ally Award in the UK

Prince William Has Been Nominated for a Straight Ally Award in the UK

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We don’t know what the Queen is thinking of all this, but one has to admit that the sons of Princess Diana are great allies of the LGBT community.

Last year, Prince William appeared on the cover of UK gay mag Attitude, a first for a member of the royal family.

Now Prince William is part of a short list for the Straight Ally Award, a prize that recognizes those who work with the LGBT community in order to advance the community’s rights.

British LGBT Awards founder Sarah Garrett MBE told the Evening Standard:

The 2017 NatWest British LGBT Awards shortlist features inspirational people who have and continue to use their platform to promote and enhance LGBT rights all over the world.

All nominees are absolutely deserving of their place on the shortlist, but it is now down to the public to choose their winners ahead of the ceremony which is set to be the biggest yet when it takes place in London on 12 May.

In his category, Prince William is facing off with singers Annie Lennox, Ariana Grande and Macklemore; actors Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway and Patrick Stewart; TV host James Corden; former footballer Thierry Henry; and author JK Rowling.

Other categories of the awards include “Media Moments,” “LGBT+ Celebrity Rising Stars,” “Best Destinations,” “Broadcasters or Journalists” and “Top Charities or Community Initiatives.”

Olympic canoeist hunk Matt Lister (pictured below—swoon!) is competing in the LGBT+ celebrities category, along with Russel Tovey, Ellen Page and Lady Gaga.


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