A Pro-Gay Arabic Hashtag Recently Went Viral on Twitter

A Pro-Gay Arabic Hashtag Recently Went Viral on Twitter

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Last Friday, a pro-LGBT Arabic hashtag trended worldwide. The hashtag, “,” translates to “I love gays and I’m not one of them.”

International Business Times, reprinted in Raw Story, writes:

Homosexuality is illegal in nearly every nation in the Arab world. Punishment ranges from imprisonment to death. Many users took the opportunity to voice their support for gay rights and respect for their struggle.

“Leave the hate to your ancestors and learn to accept differences and to love other sexual and racial minorities,” user @Q_Valour wrote.

“If only some people would open their minds and accept that (gay people) were born with these sexual tendencies without choosing. Generally, gay people are the best and nicest people I know,” @Stunggrll19 wrote.

“They marry four women, they marry minors, they wish harm on others who have not harmed them in anyway and then they have the audacity to say homosexuality is abnormal,” wrote @Alaa09877.

Other Twitter users expressed themselves more visually:


But despite this beautiful display of support, social media still offers potential dangers to LGBTQ people living in the Arab world. Twitter has a problem with accounts who use the service to “out” gay Arabs.


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