Anti-Gay Protester Arrested at Pulse Nightclub Memorial

Anti-Gay Protester Arrested at Pulse Nightclub Memorial

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During yesterday’s observation of the one year anniversary of the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, an anti-gay protestor was handcuffed by a police officer.

NewNowNext initially reported, “The unnamed suspect was one of three demonstrators holding signs reading homophobic messages like ‘Sin = Death’ and ‘Warning: All homos will burn like faggots in hell.’”

Local television stations showed officers talking Monday to protesters with the anti-gay signs.The men argued with the officers that they had a right to be there. Next, an officer can be seen holding out his hand to keep one of the men from going any further as the man pushes back against his hand. Moments later, the officer pushes the man back and the man falls down. He’s handcuffed as the crowd chants “love conquers hate.”

On the NewNowNext post, commenters argued whether or not it was legal for the protestors to be arrested.

“Potential crime does not equal crime period,”John Calvosa writes. “It is profiling period. Unless they had a visible gun knife bomb can of gas something that could cause mass damage and was not legally allowed there at that time. And all they had was a sign they had no legal right to arrest them.”

Ronald Malcolm Rickard writes: “It’s probably a lot simpler than you think. In every major city they require a protest permit, so the cops know what’s happening and to keep order. Usually counter protesters don’t think about things like that. If he was asked for a copy of the permit and didn’t have it, then he can be arrested. It’s the same tactic they use to get the loonies from Westboro Baptist arrested all the time.”

At the scene, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, said “we are not here to relive the horror of that day.”

It’s unknown if the man was taken into custody or charged.

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