“Proud Homosexual Man” Ricky Martin Working With Anti-Gay Target

“Proud Homosexual Man” Ricky Martin Working With Anti-Gay Target

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unicorn booty, gay business, gay news, gay blogApparently Ricky Martin didn’t get the memo that Target donated $150,000 to homophobe Tom Emmer’s Minnesota gubernatorial campaign. And by homophobic, we mean homeboy vowed to veto an marriage equality legislation that came across his desk, and his campaign was closely tied to a rock band who sang “Kill the gays!” Yeah, that kind of homophobic.

So just what does Mr. Martin think he is doing? He’s made a career comeback (of sorts) after publicly coming out, declaring himself a “proud, homosexual man.” Guess what, Ricky. Proud homosexuals don’t support organizations and companies that use LGBT consumers’ dollars to legislate against them.

And spare us the HRC’s perfect 100 score for Target in their LGBT business ranking. Again, he promised to not allow rights to gays and lesbians. HRC’s list is worth less than the paper it’s printed on in this case.

unicorn booty, gay news, gay blog, gay business, target, anti-gay

So what’s to blame for this business venture? Ignorance? A big payday? We expect to see some fallout, and an excuse to come sometime soon.

Why do you think Ricky Martin is working with Target?

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