Pulse Owners Want To Turn Nightclub Into A Permanent Memorial

Pulse Owners Want To Turn Nightclub Into A Permanent Memorial

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A month and a half after the deadly June 12 shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the Floridian club owners have publicly declared their intention to turn the nightclub into “a permanent memorial… providing a sanctuary of hope” to those affected by the shooting, though there is some confusion about the exact future of the club.

According to WESH, the NBC affiliate in Orlando, Pulse’s owners have registered a non-profit called the “OnePULSE Foundation” with the state of Florida. WESH reports that the filing papers state that the organization’s funds will go towards “the victims’ immediate financial needs” as well as “conceiving funding and aiding in the construction of a permanent memorial on the existing Pulse site in Orlando and other relevant sites to be determined.”

Nine days ago, the OnePULSE Foundation also posted a Facebook update reiterating their plans to set up a permanent memorial…

However, WESH says that the nightclub’s owner has claimed that any plans for a permanent memorial are “premature”:

Despite the state filings, the owner of Pulse nightclub, Barbara Poma, told WESH 2 on July 15 that “we do not yet know the future” of the club. Poma also said a social media post on the club’s official Instagram account announcing the memorial was “prematurely posted.” That post was later deleted.

It’s peculiar because last time we checked the organization’s Instagram account, it still has a post clearly stating the intention to create a permanent memorial. So as far as we’re concerned the memorial is totally happening, especially since the club has been closed since the shooting occurred.

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