Ran Out of ‘Queer Eye’ Episodes? Watch the Fab 5 Make Over These Netflix Nerds

Ran Out of ‘Queer Eye’ Episodes? Watch the Fab 5 Make Over These Netflix Nerds

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Sad because you binge watched all of Queer Eye and need some more to satisfy your craving? Have no fear. They created a Queer Eye bonus episode where the fab five makeover some IT department dudes at Netflix, lovingly known as the “NERDS.”

Jonathan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby and Tan went loose on the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles. The seven-minute bonus mini-episode sees the team’s manager John get a life overhaul courtesy of the boys, as Jonathan tackles his unruly man, Tan overhauls his office attire and Karamo works on his confidence.

Meanwhile, food and drink guru Antoni demonstrates how to fight mid-afternoon munchies with healthy snack alternatives, and Bobby gives the IT department a workspace to be proud of.

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We chatted with The Fab Five before the season premiered on Netflix earlier this month.

“The luxury of being on a platform like Netflix is that we have the freedom to be able to talk about whatever we want,” Tan explained.

“We can articulate the feelings we have any way we like. Something that the producers and creators did a great job on was that while the format is the same, we don’t shy away from any conversation that we want to have at any point. There were no restrictions on our conversations. We are not trying to make this a political show, but by the nature of who we are, there is going to be political content. I think it’s important that there is a space for it.”

Antoni added that the differences don’t always lie between them and the people they are making over, but inside their five-some as well.

“Amongst ourselves, there are differences,” he said. “I mean, with the episode with AJ that deals with coming out, we hear my version, and then the other guys’ stories, and in a sense they are unique, and in a sense they are not. We all have the same emotions and feelings, even though our stories are so different.”

Satisfy your craving with this Queer Eye bonus episode:

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