Thoughts, Feelings, Concerns: The First Trailer For Netflix’s Reboot of ‘Queer Eye’ Is Here

Thoughts, Feelings, Concerns: The First Trailer For Netflix’s Reboot of ‘Queer Eye’ Is Here

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There has been a lot of talk about Queer Eye For the Straight Guy coming back to Netflix this February in a rebooted version. The name seems to have been officially altered to Queer Eye, making us think their not only going to be making over straight guys. Well, the first Queer Eye trailer was released today and we’re not quite sure what to think.


Watch the new Queer Eye trailer right here:

The trailer features the fab five interacting with their subjects, men who have seemed to given up on life. As one mother puts it, her son is only surviving, and she needs him to start thriving.

The new Fab Five are Karamo Brown (culture), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), Tan France (fashion), Antoni Porowski (food and wine), and Bobby Berk (design).

The trailer features a scene and sound bite from each of the gurus, introducing them with the speciality they represent. And while they seem to all be sweet guys, the cliches and stereotypes that are represented in less than two minutes is eye-roll worthy.

We did kind of get the goose bumps near the end, but the trailer does leave us wanting more — but that is the point of a trailer, right?

Credit: Courtesy Netflix

While we’re excited that Queer Eye is coming back, we were a bit underwhelmed that they decided to feature just gay men as the word “queer” in 2018 means a lot more than just being gay.

In an op-ed we wrote when the cast was first announced, we shared:

While it’s great the show included some gay men who aren’t white, we’re disappointed they didn’t also include other members of the LGBT community. The word “queer” today includes so much more than just male-born gay guys.

Back in 2000, the word “queer” was a synonym for gay, but the word has since become an umbrella term for our diverse LGBTQ community. All the letters in the LGBTQ acronym need more visibility in the media, and the Queer Eye reboot could have been the perfect opportunity for Netflix to provide it.

We’ll for sure be streaming the first episode on Feb. 7th to see what happens. Will you be watching with us?

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