This is What Queer Muslims Look Like (Photos)

This is What Queer Muslims Look Like (Photos)

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Republicans often try to pit Muslims and queers against each other, as if it’s impossible to be both. But a quick glance at Instagram shows that queer Muslims exist and live rich rewarding lives. Here are a few of our favorites.

Let’s start with Rashad Nimr, who represents a lot of communities that can work together:


Aw, a cozy hug! That shirt has us hypnotized.


Haha, this is great. New tattoo? There’s stickers available, too!


Just some friends hanging out, getting along, talking about spirituality. Looks like a fun shindig.


Behind the scenes at Splashes of Dye, a student film at NYU about queer Muslims.

"A closeted gay Muslim man goes to see his lover before his wedding to a woman, only to discover his lover has moved on". We just wrapped production on "Splashes of Dye" a film written & directed by Louis Hang Yin. As a producer I am always looking for stories that push boundaries and challenge cultural norms. Thank you Louis for bringing me on to this project! I am so proud of you and the entire cast and crew. Couldn't have done it without my partner in crime Hailey Fang, and shout out to Robbin Feng and William DeJessa for the sexy lighting, Brooks Kaya and Alex Moitzi your a rockstars! #womeninfilm #lightscameraaction #filmmaking #producerlife #producer #behindthescenes #gayboy #gaymuslim #gaypride #nyc #splashesofdye #work #nycart #nycgirl #setlife #pride #gaysexy #gayguys #outofthecloset #beyourself #shortfilm #lightscameraaction #writerdirector

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If anyone needs to hear that they’re loved and valued and supported, it’s Muslim trans youth—just imagine the hurdles they face.


Look at this heroine—protecting her neighbors, working to help refugees, building bridges with allies in the community.

I was part of my town Christmas parade yesterday with my town's refugee support group bc we are trying to educate ppl and spread the word about our cause. I was expecting for everyone to b very horrible to us and I was preparing myself for all the hateful comments but so many ppl were cheering for our float and being really kind to us and if anyone thought badly of us they didn't say anything to us. Basically my whole town was there and everyone was so positive (my town is usually v racist and Islamophobic) and it just gave me so much hope that maybe things are changing. Something I will never forget was a 6-7 year old girl who said to me "freedom is for everyone" as I walked past with the float. I'm honestly so happy and hopeful rn and I couldn't have dreamt of a better outcome for the day. #muslim #lesbian #islam #muslimah #lgbt #gay #lgbmuslim #muslimlgbt #lesbianmuslim #muslimlesbian #gaymuslim #muslimgay #queer #queermuslim #muslimqueer #freetherefugees #closenauru #closemanus #endimmigrationdetention

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Here’s a photo from the Queer Muslim Project, accompanying interviews about the anxieties people are feeling about America’s surge in Nazism.


Check it out—the first gay-friendly yoga retreat in India! If you have the means to travel, it sounds like it’s definitely worth a visit:


“Whatever, still gay,” this young lesbian writes. Good for her.

Whatever, still gay. ? #gaymuslim #eid

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Ack, an adorable cozy cuddle. Two boys so lucky to find each other! When their beards connect it must be magic.

#boyfriends #gaycouple #beard #beardedgay #gaymuslim

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Now this is fashion. Do not even try to compare! It’s an apex of style.


Rainbows! So many rainbows! Never underestimate a queer person’s ability to incorporate rainbows into any outfit.


Oh hey there! Just a cute grin from a cute fellow.


Looks like a fun bunch of crimefighters:


Oh now that’s a little explicit. Now that we’re complaining. You just have fun with yourselves, everyone!