QueerBash: This Month In Anti-LGBT Violence Abroad News

QueerBash: This Month In Anti-LGBT Violence Abroad

Written by Daniel Villarreal on October 04, 2017
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Why we’re writing about this: Despite the legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S., homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia and anti-LGBT sentiment continue to thrive, both at home and abroad. Whether this takes the form of physical violence or institutional violence, it’s important for our community to remain aware of anti-LGBT violence so we can educate others and work against it. 

  • Fear and Loathing:  Out of Saudi Arabia, YouTube stars “Fe2aFala” posted a video calling for gay people to be ‘executed in the most horrific ways.’ Meanwhile on Twitter the hashtag “#اقترح_طريقة_لقتل_الشواذ” or ‘suggest a way to kill gays’ spread across Arabic-language social media.



  • After multiple trans-men were murdered in Brazil, author Mitch Kellaway explored the complicated dynamics behind the violence.


  • Reports of violence surfaced across the world, including attacks on people who ‘appeared’ gay in AustraliaSwedenRussia and the US.


  • A new comprehensive report on US criminal justice and LGBT people found that LGBT people face higher rates of incarceration and abuse than other groups. The report notes that the community, especially low income and LGBT people of color, ‘pay an extraordinarily high price for the failures’ of the system.



  • Over 1,300 refugees to Australia have been detained in Papua New Guinea in a center Amnesty International has described as resembling a ‘prison and a military camp.’ The center is particularly dangerous to LGBT asylum seekers as Papua New Guinea criminalizes homosexuality.



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